is a next step in roleplaying

Game for the sake of immersion and roleplaying

Not for mindless grind.

With an interesting living world full of injustice

And drama generating by the players.

Online sandbox RPG about fantasy medieval Europe

with an alternative course of history in 867 after the Gods War.

It is WIP but you can track development progress and participate.


Build your village

Create a faction and build a village or city with your friends, make an interior of your dream or burn other people's settlements. Action hours system allows to conquest faction's territories only at a certain time of day so you don't need to be 24/7 online to protect your land.

Create a unique character

Classless perk system in a combination of stats provides more than 5,000 combinations. Appearance customization, religion, culture and personality traits complete character's role in the game world.

Research and discover

Spend dozens of hours on researching big open world full of runestones, magical artifacts and mythical creatures. Region Tirdar, located in the north-west of Europe, contains aether ore appeared after the Gods War.


Express yourself with more than 100 character gestures and smart voice chat. The game helps to immerse in the role by making character a living person with his needs and dreams based on the personality traits.


In 809 a ruler of Emirate of Cordoba, territory in the Iberian Peninsula, decided to summon Devil to help him win other European rulers. The ritual was successful but it started a war called Gods War between higher powers. As a result of one battle, one of the gods died, causing a shift between worlds. Humans received the ability to use magic and see magical creatures. The Twilight Age begins.

Twilight Age lasted from 809 to 867. It was characterized by the struggle for survival, chaos and the destruction of the old world order.

The original game starts from 867 when people managed to adapt to a new world. The Age of Changes begins.